Photo-Festivals To Go In 2019

Photo-Festivals To Go In 2019

Photography is a very beautiful art that allows you to capture the memorable moments from your life. The photographs with all the beautiful memories can be preserved for eternity conveying the real joy and purpose. Annually many photo festivals are conducted throughout the world. Some of the Photo-Festivals in the year 2019 that are never to be missed are listed below.


Pure Taboo is the thing of 2019. While it debuted back in 2017 it gained it’s worldwide recognition in 2019 – mostly thanks to the creation of free preview tube website available at It helped visitors to understand the purpose of the project. Taboo fantasies of our society are an interesting subject to get deep into and this is what’s been done @ Pure Taboo – it simply explores throughly the whole controversial idea of sexual fantasies and it does it twice a week!

Filter Photo Festival

This is an excellent multi-day celebration of photography that attracts people from all over the world. This festival takes place every autumn in Chicago. The photo festival includes the workshops, enormous lectures, artist talks, and the exhibition receptions. The Filter photo exhibition is scheduled from the 22nd March to the 27th April 2019. Portfolio reviews are one of the highlights of the photo festival. The artists get the opportunity to share their artworks with the national as well as the international photography experts including the curators and also the publishers.

Copenhagen Photo Festival

This is one of the renowned photo festivals to take place annually. This Copenhagen Photo Festival is scheduled from the 6th to the 16th of June 2019. People visiting this photo festival will enjoy the excellent artworks of different genres that are displayed with brilliant frames. You can find many guides who can explain to you the stories behind the works. Additionally, during the photo festival, many workshops and events are conducted. The portfolio review is a brilliant service that would help the artist, painters and the tourists in getting their artworks checked and evaluated.

Head On Photo Festival

This photo festival will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary 2019. Over the years, this photo festival has been successful in promoting the works of the photographers of all age. This serves as the best way to encourage innovative and creative photographs through which social messages are also being conveyed to the society. Five exhibitions will be conducted during the photo festival in many venues across the Sydney city. This festival has been scheduled from the 4th to the 19th May 2019 that features the brilliant photographs from the international and the national renowned photographs.

Glazer’s Photofest 2019

In recent years, this photo fest has successfully exceeded the wildest expectations of people all over the world. This provides an opportunity for professional photographs, the enthusiasts to view the excellent photographs that convey meaning to the society. This photo fest is scheduled from the 1st to the 2nd of June 2019. Many workshops and presentations are conducted to spread awareness of the impact created by professional photographs. Portfolio reviews are also an important aspect of the Glazer Photofest exhibitions.

Photo festivals serve as the best medium through which photo enthusiast can benefit a lot. These exhibitions are the best opportunity for artists, the photographers to exhibit their work and witness some classy photographs taken. Many grid photography events are conducted annually to encourage people to exhibit their photographs and also get portfolio reviews from professionals.

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