What Photographers Stand To Gain From PhotoNOLA


What Photographers Stand To Gain From PhotoNOLA

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People from around the world use many different methods to express their personality or convey a particular message to the people. One of the most popular methods used by people for this purpose is none other than photography. With so many people interested in photography, many new festivals have begun being held; one of them being PhotoNOLA. This particular festival is hosted by the New Orleans Photo Alliance and it is done in with the help of museums, galleries and more. If you are a young photographer and want to learn more about the art of photography then this festival will prove to be very helpful.


Photographer taking a shot on the beauty of nature.

There is a lot to learn at PhotoNOLA as it draws hundreds of professional photographers from whom you can learn a lot. The festival includes workshops, exhibitions, galas, lectures and more, so that the people coming there can learn every bit of information there is to learn about photography. This festival is not that new, as it was first established in the year 2006. It was created during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where many experts lead many brainstorming sessions with art and photography experts to help in the cultural rebuilding of the devastated areas. Don Marshall was one of the people who created NOPA to serve this purpose; the main goal of PhotoNOLA was to let the photographic arts shine to recover the New Orleans economy.

PhotoNOLA quickly became one of the most popular photography festivals in the world as it started to attract people from around the world. This festival tries to help and support the work of young photographers who are trying to become masters of the field. For this soul purpose, PhotoNOLA honors three young photographers with the most amazing portfolios with some great prizes.

If you are enthusiastic about the field of photographer and have much to learn then PhotoNOLA is the place to be. It is here that you will learn about the new techniques of capturing the best photographs. In addition to that you will get the chance to interact with some of the best photographers in the world and learn a few tips and tricks from the masters themselves. The best thing about PhotoNOLA is that you will not feel out of place at this event. This is because most of the people around you will belong to the same level as you.

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