2018 Photo Festivals For Budding Photographers

2018 Photo Festivals For Budding Photographers

International Photo festivals showcase a large range of photography from around the globe. This includes several events, discussions, talks, portfolio reviews, screenings, book launches and workshops. Such events and festivals create a platform for both aspiring and professional photographers, photography enthusiasts and the public.

Besides this they provide hands on knowledge where budding photographers can access new work, and most important of all they build new relations with like-minded photographers.

Though it is still the beginning of 2018 but such festivals and events are planned for the whole year well in advance.

Below we have listed a few Photography events eagerly awaited by amateur and professional photographers alike.

Be The Cuck Premiere

Be The Cuck - Cuckolding in 2018

Be The Cuck – Cuckolding in 2018

Be The Cuck – adult trend of 2018. Cuckolding has always been a micro-niche and it’s about to change this year. Wives who – with permission of their husbands – are having an affair with alpha males. Doing all these sexual acts when husband is present in the scene and watches. While it might sound awkward it’s the thing that many of men, often betas, started to cherish.

London Photo Festival 2018 (17th May – 19th May)

The London Photo Festival ‘The Crypt’ to be held in Borough High St London is an ideal event for up-coming photographers who are waiting for a break to show their work to the whole world.

This Festival was founded by Kit Shah and Emma Mapp in 2011 to provide budding photographers with an affordable platform to present their art in a simple yet professional environment for a small fee.

Biennal FotoFest 2018 (10th March – 22nd April)

The FotoFest Biennal 2018 is to be held in Downtown Houston in Texas focusing more on new media art and contemporary photography primarily from India and other Asian Countries.

This is one of the longest running festivals of international contemporary photographic events.

Les Boutographies (5th May -27TH May 2018)

The Boutographies created by Rencontres Photographiques was earlier held in Boutonnet district and later moved to Montpellier.

This festival focuses towards promoting young emerging talent in Europe.

It is one of the best exhibitions held in South France for both the public and photographers.

PhotoBookFest 2018 (19th April – 17th June)

PhotoBookFest 2018 is radical exhibition to be held in Moscow in Russia.

The festival will be hosted by Center for Photography and its partnering venues showcasing the emergence of global photography.

The exhibition will feature portfolio reviews, educational events, discussions, publishers and photographers market not to miss special programs for children.

Latin American Art Festival 2018 (17th & 18th March)

This festival held in San Diego in Southern California caters to residents of Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and the Latin American Community.

This festival emphasizes the cultural richness and diversity of Latin America strengthening the heritage of the Hispanic community.

Art enthusiasts and collectors will be able to view diverse art forms belonging to both sides of the border.

Mopla (1st April – 30th April 2018)

‘Mopla’ held in Downtown Los Angeles exhibits the large photographic community along with photojournalism and fine art. Since its establishment Mopla celebrates the existence of photography through various events and programs that both inspire and rejuvenate the senses of budding photography enthusiast as well professional photographers and collectors.

The dual aim of Mopla is to stimulate the photography community along with presenting comprehensive exhibits and events.

Scottsdale Arts Festival (8TH March – 11th March) 2018

The Scottsdale Arts Festival held in Scottsdale has been rated as the ‘Best Arts Festival’ by the Phoenix New Times due to its high quality fine arts.

This festival exhibits works of 200 selected artists of Canada and the United States. The works are basically painting, jewelry, glass & ceramics, sculpture and of course photography. These art works can be bought from the Online art auction directly from the artists.

Kyotographie (14th April – 13th May 2018)

The Kyotographie photography festival held in Kyoto in Japan is a much awaited event primarily in Asia.

The main aim of this festival is to connect people globally featuring photographic works round the world. Far away Photographers can virtually join in through satellite events.

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