Call For Entry Into Open Competition By World Photography Organization

Call For Entry Into Open Competition By World Photography Organization

Photography has become a favorite activity for many individuals today. The reason for that is partly that photography has become easily accessible since everyone today has a working smartphone. To encourage more people to become fulltime photographers, the world has started to host amazing photography festivals. Many other organizations are also working for the purpose of making photography more common and one such organization is that of World Photography Organization. The World Photography Organization, or WPO, is an international organization that has made various efforts to facilitate professional as well as amateur photographers.


Sony World Photography Awards logo

Sony World Photography Awards logo

The organization hosts the annual Sony World Photography Awards during which they show different exhibits from various participants and the winner is given a prize. The awards were first held in Cannes but the venue was later changed to London in 2011. This is not the only program that is held there; the other programs are those of Photo Shanghai, World Photography Festival, World Photography Focus Program, World Photography Student Focus Competition, and more.

As mentioned earlier, the World Photography Organization hosts a competition between photographers. In this competition the contestants submit their portfolios which are reviewed by professional photographers; the participants then receive a feedback based on their portfolio and the winner is given a prize. One of the best things about this competition is that it is totally open – this means that anyone can become a part of it. You do not need any sort of photography experience to be a part of this competition, all that needs to be done is that you need to register yourself.

Such competitions provide amazing opportunities to young photographers as they receive some much needed exposure. Since the majority of the contestants are young, that is why it is good chance for them to meet professional photographers from around the world. This gives them the chance to learn some personal tips about photography from the greats themselves.
Sony World Photography Awards photo

One of the best Arts & Culture photos from the Sony World Photography Awards.

These were a few things that you should know about the World Photography Organization, and the competition that they hold. Becoming a part of this competition is easy, however winning it is very difficult. This is because professional photographers are also part of this competition and you will have to come up with something amazing if you want to beat them. The World Photography Organization is doing a lot to help the young photographers out there and their efforts should be appreciated.

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