Medium Festival Of Photography

Medium Festival Of Photography

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Photography is undoubtedly one of the most famous practices around the world. With growing technology, everyone has the ability to capture stunning photographs with their phones. This slowly turns into a passion and people start investing in top notch cameras to get the best results possible. To promote this passion, many photography festivals are held around the world, and one of the most popular among them is none other than the Medium Festival Of Photography. It is an annual festival that is normally held during the month of October.

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This festival offers many amazing recourses to the photographers so that they are able to connect with each other irrespective of their skill levels. In this way young photographers are able to learn many new things about photography and how to capture the best shots. The Medium Festival of Photography is held in Southern California and it brings people from around the world to deliver lectures and inspire those who are truly passionate about the field. Photographers from around the world submit their portfolios containing their best work so that professionals can take a look at their work and provide some much needed feedback. The people who review the portfolios are curators and professionals of the industry who have years of experience.

This year’s Medium Festival of Photography will be held from October 26th to 29th; the registration for the event is open only till the 15th of October. So, if you want to become a part of this wonderful event then you better hurry. There are many exhibitions that you can see at the festival, however one of the most noticeable exhibitions there is “Size Matters“. The highlight of this show is that all the exhibits here are smaller than 10”; the message that is conveyed through this show is that small things can possess great value.

If you are a person who is truly passionate about photography and want to learn more about the field then you should certainly visit the Medium Festival of Photography. Here at this festival you will meet wonderful people who will be pleased to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. The Medium Festival of Photography is the perfect place to find some exposure in the field. The festival is very well managed and you will certainly have the time of your life when you are a part of it. The exhibits here are exceptional and you will love every one of them.
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